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Sleep Apnea Financial Options

  • We require that all patients who snore and who have been diagnosed or exhibit symptoms of sleep apnea be evaluated by a physician or sleep disorders specialists before treatment.
  • There is no fee for the initial consultation for patients that have been examined, tested, and referred for an oral appliance by a sleep physician.   However, there is a fee for any dental x-rays, restoration, or other services above and beyond the consultation that may be necessary to proceed with appliance therapy.
  • Our fees for oral appliance therapy include post op adjustments during the initial phase, after which you will be referred back to your sleep physician for evaluation.
  • Treatment for sleep apnea, including oral appliance therapy is considered a medical treatment, and generally covered by medical insurance.  It has been our experience that most medical plans cover at least a portion of this treatment for patients who fall within their guidelines.
  • Dr. Dioguardi is now in-network with Medicare to provide the sleep apnea appliance as a covered medical service.  
  • Most medical insurance companies provide out-of-network coverage for qualified patients.  We regularly work with medical insurance companies to help you determine and receive your maximum benefits for oral appliance therapy.
  • In order to provide the highest quality care on a sound basis, we have developed several payment options from which to choose.
  • We Accept CareCredit

  • CareCredit offers:
    • NO INTEREST payment plans
    • Convenient, low monthly payment plans
    • No annual fees or prepayment penalties
  • Prior to the commencement of treatment, fees and financial arrangements will be discussed with you.
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